I would like to congratulate you on a comprehensive, timely, responsive Accounting service. Your light hearted approach and industry knowledge coupled with your willingness to advise describes an extremely rare Accountant…one that exceeds expectations and delivers a seamless service.

Child care specialist and Web guru

Sam Benjamin

CROSSTAX is an excellent accounting firm, who always responds very quickly and helpfully to all kinds of queries, providing a level of customer service that I doubt any other firm could match. I would never think of using anyone else.

Emma Young
Scientific Journalist

CROSSTAX has A+ service that cares about their client's best interest. I was very impressed by the level of service they have, the care and the professionalism. They always exceeded my expectations. That's definitely what set them apart from their competitors.

Reda youssif
IT Specialist

Excellent and friendly service, Will recommend it to anyone needs a comprehensive outstanding service in Tax, Mortgage and Financial Planning.

Anthony Anthopoulos
Property Investor

As a new migrant from Zimbabwe, I needed someone to explain me the tax system and the new opportunities I have. I can assure that I was lucky enough to deal with CROSSTAX as they did exactly what I needed. I started doing my tax returns with them in 2005 after a friend recommended them. Since then they have given me guidance with all my major financial decisions and always been there when I needed them. They also can advise on savings, investments and home loans. That's where you get answers to all your queries.

Buqhawe Songo
Registered Nurse

I have been one of your client for many years during which I received the best service. You are professional, honest and loyal to your customers, you build good rapport with your clients, and most importantly is your professional advice on all the financial aspects and taxes. You are dedicated to best service the interest of your clients.

Elias Shehadeh
VET Trainer & Assessor

CROSSTAX is a diligent and efficient Accounting firm who has handled my taxation matters for the last 5 years. I am very satisfied with their services and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

David Singh

Director Sourcing Pro International Pty Ltd

Daniel Hu

Wouldn't go anywhere else!!! I have been using Cross accountants for the past 3 years, They gave me the opportunity to concentrate in growing my business taking the compliance burden away in addition to their valuable advice. I recommend them to anyone wants to start a business or want to take his business to the next level.

Amir Aziz
Partner Philip Petroleum

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